The KIROL Group, a story of evolution.

The KIROL Group, a story of evolution.

The KIROL Group has celebrated its first decade this year. Created in 2004, the group has two business lines. On one hand the betting operator named KIROLBET, and the sports betting management platform named KIROLSOFT, which provides technology and services, and enables absolute control of its activity to different operators.

In 2008 the KIROL Group created the sports betting operator KIROLJOKOA, which began trading in the Basque Country through company-owned shops, gambling halls and hotel and bar establishments. It currently has nine self-owned betting shops and more that 600 betting terminals throughout the Basque Country.

Two years later KIROL launched Apuestas de Navarra, which has traded in the autonomous region of Navarre since 2010, and which currently has one self-owned shop in Pamplona and more than 200 terminals in use.

In 2013 the Group created the KIROLBET brand and began trading in Galicia (Spain), while in 2014 it began trading in La Rioja and Catalonia.

In 2015 trading will commence in Aragon, Cantabria, Castile and Leon, and the Canary Islands.

For its part, the KIROLSOFT platform is currently trading in the autonomous regions of Valencia, Murcia, Madrid and Castile La Mancha, via agreements with a selection of some of the most important gaming operators in Spain, such as the Acrismatic Group, who trade via the Juegging brand; Vive la Suerte, from the Orenes Group; Apuestas de Murcia, and Apuestas Valor, of the Matencio Group.

The KIROL Group currently has 150 employees at its headquarters located in Eibar, Gipuzkoa (Basque Country). In addition, it also has a Research, Development and Innovation Centre in Donostia - San Sebasti√°n, with a workforce of 20 professionals.

The KIROL Group is the leader in Spain regarding the number of terminals in use, with more than 3.000 sports betting machines installed all over Spain.