Complete solution

Aimed at user activation which guarantee offline-online alignment.


Land based betting

Land based betting

The adaptation to all the devices online is characterized by a very visual design and an intuitive navigation that guarantee an unbeatable user experience

  • Large number of terminals
  • Latest technology
  • Maximum reliability. Minimal incidents
  • Extremely user-friendly. Intuitive browsing
  • Attractive design
Online betting

Online betting

Our interface is dynamic, flexible and includes simple visual surroundings, enabling the user to intuitively browse and enjoy a unique betting experience.

  • Portal adaptable to different devices
  • Convenient and user-friendly browsing
  • Secure operations and transactions
  • Optimal complement to the land based network
  • Specific applications for iOS and Android mobiles


Client card

Client card

The client card allows the user to keep gambling without any interruptions. Linking a complete interaction between devices that are associated to a unique user account.

  • Perfect usability in land-based and online betting.
  • Autonomy on the bet.